Serif, Sans-Serif and other fonts

When you place a logo order at LogoQuicker, you get to tell what fonts do you like for your logo. Although we've placed samples bellow the choice, most probably the terms Serif, Sans-Serif, Tech and Script may not mean much to you. But don't worry, at LogoQuicker we want the choice of new logo to be as simple as possible and that's why, we decided that it is important to have a quick article on fonts.. why are they named so and where do they match best with our new logo. 




In our logo order questionnaire, we have given 4 options for fonts, to make it simple for you to choose, although the font styles may be named in many other groups and we will mention others later in this article. Now about the main ones: Serfi, Sans-Serif, Tech and Script. 

These are the fonts which have a small stroke at the at the ends of each letter, as you can see on the sample image. Probably, the most popular Serif font is the Times New Roman. Although you may know it as old, boring font, don't worry, at LogoQuicker we use many other, more interesting Serif fonts that will give a special feel to your logo. Speaking of this, Serif fonts are used often in logos that have to give a more, serious, classical, conservative feel of your business. Serif fonts go well on legal, financial, logos. Also they go well on businesses that have long history behind the brand, take the example of Sheraton hotels chain. 

Sans, or without Serif, are as you can suppose the opposite of Serif fonts, that is, without small strokes on the letters, just like the font of this text you are reading now. Some of the more popular Sans-Serif fonts are Arial, Verdana, Tahoma and of course many more. Sans-Serif fonts have more clear and perhaps modern look. If used wisely, sans-serif may go well on any brand and that's why they are universal use fonts. 

These fonts are coming into use more often now. Many starups want to show that they are new, innovative and technologically advanced in what they do and they choose Tech style fonts. You may acociate them mostly with information technologies companies, but actually now you can see logos with Tech fonts for construction, engineering, automotive and many other industries. 

Script are often understood as handwritten like fonts. Although this may be the case with some, we can say that Script fonts are rather neat handwriting fonts. They give a classical and conservative feel and are often well combined with Serif fonts, for e.g. main logo text in Scrip with tag line in Serif font. 

As mentioned above, the 4 font types above are far not the only categories you can think of.


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