Gradients vs Flat color in logos

When we look at logos, we see many different ways of using color. Some include just few flat colors, other have gradients to achieve a specific effect. But first, let's define what is what? 
A gradient is a transition from one color to another (or a different shade, light/dark). The flat color is has no shades, its just one color. 

Serif, Sans-Serif and other fonts

When you place a logo order at LogoQuicker, you get to tell what fonts do you like for your logo. Although we've placed samples bellow the choice, most probably the terms Serif, Sans-Serif, Tech and Script may not mean much to you. But don't worry, at LogoQuicker we want the choice of new logo to be as simple as possible and that's why, we decided that it is important to have a quick article on fonts.. why are they named so and where do they match best with our new logo. 

Colours - CMYK, RGB and Pantone

Choosing the colors for your logo is sometimes a very hard job. You tell the designer you want lime green, and the designer gives you lime green, but well.. this lime green is not the one you expected, and when you then print, the lime comes out even more different. Unfortunately this is a case that happens often when ordering a logo, and when you order online its even harder for you to explain your 'lime green'. As a result both sides get angry.. and finalizing the project looks like an endless task. Fortunately, this situation can be skipped with better understanding of colors the ways to communicate that. What do we mean? 


In what file formats should be your logo? 

Often, people order a logo and care of how it looks graphically, which of course is the most important, but neglect on what they receive as a final product. That's why at LogoQuicker we decided to write on this topic, so even people who never had idea of design and file formats will know what they get.. or what they should request from designers when they order a new logo. We will try to be as simple as possible and avoid using difficult to understand definitions :)

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Get Free design for your business cards!

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